B2Bs face unique challenges

As a business-to-business enterprise, what are your online and offline messages?

You may think that public relations aren’t necessary for your B2B since you’re marketing to other businesses; however, public relations need to be an integral part of all your communications efforts.

The purpose of public relations is to create goodwill. Communications to other businesses focus on the needs and wants of your prospective and existing clients. It is essential to know your audiences and what concerns them.

Here are how B2B companies are taking advantage, and how you can, too. Let’s explore the reasons why and offer insight.

  • You need clear differentiation with B2B storytelling

Sharing your story is vital in the B2B sales process in introducing prospective clients to your company.

  • You can build rewarding relationships with the right people

B2B sales involve various marketing tactics. Ditch the jargon and make meaningful connections in the following ways:

  • Social media – content creation and management
  • Internal communications
  • Crisis communication and reputation management
  • Testimonials
  • Relationship management
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletter highlights
  • Advertising in trade publications and consumer magazines or the general media
  • Thought leadership
  • Content distribution
  • Communications strategies
  • Influencer relations


  • You can carve out a thought leadership platform for yourself and other executives

Provide commentary on breaking news, changing trends and offer opinions on significant industry trends or issues to defined target audiences

  • We can support your existing in-house PR team.

We can assist with defining an annual pre-emptive contingency plan for crisis management

  • Funneling content is most important.

Communicate on a daily or a weekly basis to your defined target audiences.

Lessen marketing misfires and launch a measurable PR and marketing strategy for your B2B to support your defined objectives in meeting your goals and that of your clients. Define which metrics matter most to you.

We are a partner that can help you achieve your overall goals. We are where you need us.

Blue Scorpion Reputation Management (BSRM) is a relationship-based specialist communications firm conveniently located in downtown Atlanta with national reach, holding accounts specific to the video gaming industry, animal and pet care industry and the agriculture and farming industry, including investor relations to agricultural commodity and product brands. We also provide government and corporate consultancy.

We are accepting international clients and businesses that seek or are doing business internationally.

We have the credentials and qualifications that benefit your business to help you focus on success.

If BSRM seems like a good fit for your enterprise, contact us to get started … today!

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