Beyond the contingency plan

Just think: As a business owner you may be faced with handling the well-being of others in times of an immediate crisis such as an unforeseen occurrence or natural disaster.

In a previous blog post, we talked about the importance of having a contingency plan. You can read about contingency planning here. Having a contingency plan in place allows for other planning decisions to be made, particularly when your business is in crisis mode.

Be prepared thoroughly with a contingency plan. If you don’t have a contingency plan for your business, call on us, immediately.

Beyond planning, your audiences – stakeholders – need to hear from you, and if what is happening currently hits close to home, be sure that what they hear comes from you and is objective. Your business has critical audiences, and it has critics.

Have you considered other audiences who may need to hear from you? Outreach beyond your immediate stakeholders could also include other businesses such as your vendors, elected officials, religious groups in the community or the schools that are within reach of your location.

During times of crisis, your audiences should hear from you to have a better understanding of what’s happening locally with the information distributed from the platforms they consume information from.

Not sure of how or where your audiences get their information? Call on us for public opinion and market research.

In good times, your business may entertain your stakeholders; presently, they may prefer to receive information and education. For younger audiences who may be shielded from the media, the need may be to inform them through their parents.

Beyond the contingency plan, businesses need to be prepared to engage their various audiences with a professional touch so that the information they consume is first-hand, rational and reliable, leaving them well-informed.

Separate rumor from fact with truthful information so that your audiences will continue to be engaged.

The media has a strong influence over what we consume, and at times the message is of national and international significance. Your business may have information essential to serving the stakeholders you serve hyper locally and be of interest to the community at large.

Before another viral attack, natural disaster or other occurrences that are out of your control, use research to inform your business first, then plan proactively to allow for strategic direction in times of uncertainty.

Blue Scorpion Reputation Management (BSRM) is a relationship-based specialist communications firm conveniently located in downtown Atlanta with national reach, holding accounts specific to the video gaming industry, animal and pet care industry and the agriculture and farming industry, including investor relations to agricultural commodity and product brands. We also provide government and corporate consultancy.

We are accepting international clients and businesses that seek or are doing business internationally.

We have the credentials and qualifications that benefit your business to help you focus on success.

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