Gamers Minute: 5 ways gaming can benefit your business continuity

Access to online games can help drive your business internally. How? Here are 5 ways to step it up since your employees can’t step out

  1. Use gaming as a strategy to deal with scenarios as training situations, exercises or just plain fun to maintain the internal connectivity. You can game in groups and play at the same time.
  2. Games typically have leader boards, so when your employees play, they can see how they rank against one another. Depending on your company’s use of gaming, this can help motivate teams.
  3. Closed community platforms like Slack and Discord – which is popular with gamers – are platforms to connect with your team. Have your employees create expressive cartoon avatars to make the experience of working virtually engaging and fun.
  4. Gaming can be used as a way to form a vital link between your generational workforce if you have older employees. Share the gaming experience through mobile devices, web conferencing, or at the very least, stay connected via email to manage collaboration virtually.
  5. Externally, gaming can be used as a way to cross-sell or up-sell your clients or customer base to help them overcome anxieties or personal challenges related to the current events. Turn to your local gaming association such as the Georgia Game Developers Association here in Georgia to find the right variety of gaming products from local game developers for your company.

Find ways to provide a mix of activities to keep your employees engaged for business productivity, to help them to learn new things while achieving their goals.

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