Gamers Minute: Experience an awesome gaming moment

Between your work schedule and your children’s commitments, during normalcy, family time was limited. Now that we all have more time on our hands, entertainment is a great way to capture your reality. Playing games during this time is a great way to engage with your family, and you get the high score for spending time playing with your little ones. Play card games, tabletop games, games from your favorite gaming console, your PC or use mobile technology. The point here is to game. Here are reasons you should game with your children (this also is applicable virtually in maintaining relationships during this time with your employees and customers):

Gaming fosters communication

Happy, healthy relationships are maintained while having fun. Gaming is a great platform to communicate information. If you prefer nostalgic game play, you can discover a list of free online arcade games to share with others.

Games are great for exercising your brain

Test your focus, improve your hand-eye coordination and keep your brain sharp with gaming activities that can be shared virtually at a distance and at home.

Gaming is a home remedy that brings happiness for friends and family. Want to be even more creative? Gamify some of your home activities even down to some of the books you’re reading right now. Limited face-to-face interaction can be a bore because we’re social beings! Gaming lifts people’s attitudes and – even better – is intergenerational. Add in calling, texting, video exchange, sharing pictures or using social media components while you game, and you’re really having fun!

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