Gamers Minute: Game with your grandparents

Are you feeling anxiety about COVID-19? Yes, we all are! From a gamer’s perspective, here’s what I want for you to consider: while you help yourself stay clear of this contagious respiratory virus, you can help others, too, particularly the elderly that you’re close to such as your neighbors and family who still look to receive emotional support from you.

Game with your grandparents – adopt a grandparent in your neighborhood to game with – as a virtual check in so that their limited access to social interaction isn’t reduced. It’s the perfect time to teach your grandparent how to play from a PC, console or from their mobile phone.

Of course, we care about our physical health, but let’s not forget about our mental health and that of those we love, too. Entertainment is a great way to relieve anxiety. You’re never too young or old to game.

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