Maintain the well being of your business with 7 tips

In setting your company’s media strategy for 2020, consider protecting your brand as you’re enhancing your professional performance with your internal audience and outwardly to the public.

Internal Tips

  • Check any copy slated for public consumption. Double-check for accuracy, grammar and style.
  • Double-check any information that you find online. Check and double check any information that is not sourced in-house and allow third parties to grant permission for you to use or reuse their photos or content.
  • Establish a formal compliance policy. Personnel should observe caution when discussing personal information and internal company knowledge, knowing that you – as the employer – have formal repercussions if those guidelines are not adhered.
  • Establish a contingency plan. Construct strategies and messaging consistent across traditional and digital platforms to address the public’s concerns, particularly if your company’s actions impact them.

External Tips

  • Scan your industry. Constantly be on the lookout to identify and secure exposed areas that may be considered hazardous to your business.
  • Pay attention to your social media. Social media is a public relations channel for immediate social interactions with your audiences – and this includes third-party review sites. While monitoring each social media channel, know which channels have the strongest brand following to understand who your influencers are and how they contribute to your page.

Continue to cultivate relationships internally and externally to be in the know about what’s going on industrywide and within your organization. Consider BSRM and our strategic partners as your emergency security personnel trained for your attention in crisis communication and reputation management. Let us help you build a favorable image and enhance your prestige … today!

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